You can’t call that Grandma’s Pilfaf

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So as a few of you may know, the hubs is currently a culinary student extraordinaire. His cooking has managed to add a few unwanted pounds to both of us. So besides the obvious, which is me needing to get to the gym PRONTO! I can definitely and proudly tell you I have enjoyed all of his new cooking skills.

However, there is one thing that causes my eyebrow to raise and I will just NOT accept. Changing the buttery goodness of grandma’s pilaf recipe. That’s right folks, you can’t mess with a classic full of buttery goodness.

I recall the moment, when my chef to be announced….”I could totally add BLAH BLAH BLAH…” and that is all I remember before my mom and I protested that he could NOT under any circumstance mess with a family tradition.  Fortunately for him, my grandma was not paying attention so she did not hear this blasphemey that was being announced.

Later that night my chef to be suggested that he could call it another name, something different.  I could accept that.

I mean, he needs to be able to use his culinary skills, right?

So tonight we dine on “pilaf”

Thank you grandma for being the foundation of this whole new kind of pilaf


I am the official wife of a chef-to-be….let the adventure begin

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About 8 months ago, my husband pitched an idea to me of going to culinary school. My first thought was that he had a bad day at work and just was putting things out there. But to my surprise, he did his research.  The next thing you know we were sitting in the admissions office looking at registering him for culinary school. I admit…I was kind of freaked out. We were also house hunting at the same time and and to add another thing to the mix, seemed crazy. Right? But the look in his eyes, when he talked about going back to school to cook, doing something he truly enjoyed. Well….I just couldn’t say no. I admit, I got caught up in the moment.

The following month he was an official culinary student.

The following week, we found a home, which also happened to be a shortsale. (which is really not a true representation, for how long a short sale really is, but that is another story)

While filling out paperwork and getting information to the home lenders and playing the waiting game, my chef-to-be was learning new cooking skills. He explained different foods to me and started eating things that he swore he never would, such as asparagus. Now he loves asparagus and when he makes it….it is DELICIOUS!

My chef-to-be put in long days, first work followed by a short rest at home and off to school. What amazed me and still does,  is that even though he is tired, his passion for the culinary arts has only grown deeper.

Then…things got more exciting.

We got the house! While my chef to be continued school I learned a skill of my own…professional packer. While he cooked, I packed. We are quite the team and we have learned to make it all work.

We moved and we are still currently unpacking. I realize this process may take a while because, I have taken over the duty and I am still unsure where I want to put things or just throw them out.  I must admit that I have a tendency to lose focus and start something else instead. I am guessing we should be unpacked by the end of the year at the rate I am going.

So with this all said, I want to welcome you into our crazy adventure of my chef-to-be, who will soon be graduating from school as an official chef and me, who is going to learn to hold down the fort at home, become a handywoman and just pretty much learn some new skills.

To make it more interesting, you must know that my chef to be is learning how to just let go and let me handle some of the house responsibilities, which is not the easiest of tasks for him, but he is working on it.  He pretty much likes to be the one taking care of things around the house.

Then there is me, all four foot eight of me, a bit vertically challenged, a bit clumsy and lacking some gracefullness.  But with the determination to succeed.

Like I said, this should be a pretty interesting and entertaining adventure.

But it is all worth it.




A home of my own and a few thoughts

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We just entered a new adventurous chapter in our life….First Time Homebuyers. It has definately been quite an adventure and I have learned a few things from it…..

A short sale does not actually mean that it is a short process….it is actually longer.

While packing, this may be a good time to get rid of things you don’t need or the perfect opportunity to get rid of those things you have begged your loved one to throw out. Then if they ask what happened to it, you can say that “It must have got lost in the move”

Renting a moving truck with a lift is awesome!! Trust me, those who are doing the heavy lifting will appreciate it.

Having a bunch of people help gets the move done faster and can be really productive. Especially if you have some people help empty boxes at the new house.

DIY can be fun

Unpacking seems to take a lot longer than packing.

Make sure there is toilet paper in the bathrooms and soap

Most importantly….just take some time to sit back and enjoy my new home





But Honey you are short

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I remember it like it was yesterday…..I was in first grade and I came home crying. I did not want to tell my mom why, but she kept asking what was wrong. Through all my tears I managed to tell her that someone had said something mean to me and continued to cry while she was holding me. As she rocked me and stroked my hair, trying to convince me to calm down I was finally able to tell her what upset me so bad. …..

“They said I was short!”

At that moment, my mom looked into my eyes…the interesting thing was that she suddenly got a smile on her face. All I could think is…..”Is she really holding back on laughing right now?!” But she kept her cool and just hugged me again. Then she told me the honest truth….

“But honey, you are short”

I can’t believe she was agreeing with them! I think I was shocked and the look on my face showed it, like she told me that the dog tore off the head on my bear, Snuggle. She continued to hold me and reassure me and told me….

“Honey, think about it. Your dad and I are both short. Do you really think you stood a chance?”

It was the hard truth in front of me…It was time to accept the obvious. I was and would always be short.

So with that…here are a few things that I have learned over the years……

1. I will not be model or a back up dancer to some famous singer

2. I will be a really good climber…almost part monkey….since I may have to climb on the kitchen counter just to reach the glasses.

3. Take a taller friend or make a friend at the grocery store, so you can save yourself from climbing on the shelves just to reach the box of crackers you want.

4. Five pounds looks like 10 pounds when you are short.

5. Wedges and heels are my best friends. Flats are the enemies.

6. Crowds can be a little clausterphobic..nothing like having all these taller people all around you breathing all the air in. Online shopping is much healthier.

7. I do like my personal space. This kind of goes hand in hand with crowds. Nothing like having someone tower over you and getting into your personal space to the point that my hair on the top of my head moves a little from the breeze coming from the tall man breathing down on me! Not cool man.

8. Even though I am over 21, I still make sure to have my ID ready for when they ask for it. I still get carded, but this is actually a good thing:)

9. When I am looking to buy a car…make sure the seat goes forward enough so I can reach the pedals. Oh, also that it raises up so I can see over the dash.

10. I am not a threat to small children

11. Sometimes people don’t know if I am aware that I am vertically challenged…so they throw things out like…”wow! You are really short!” …..Trust me peeps, I already know.

12. I always make friends with my seamstress….she will get to know me on regular basis and I may actually help put her first born through college, with all the work she does for me. which is kinda cool…becuase not only am I getting close to fit me, but I am doing a good deed by helping with someone’s education! woo hoo!

So knowing this, I have found that just because I am shorter than others, dosen’t mean that I can’t hold my own. I think it has actually made me a bit tougher. And….it has always been such a great conversation starter!


No Plan is Perfect

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I had a plan when I was a child. Now I just go with the flow. I have discovered that there is no such thing as a plan when it comes to the direction you want your life to go. I am sure that maybe for some people  their plans have gone accordingly to how they have wanted. I am just saying that for me and for most of my friends, the plans have been thrown out the window. I think that because of this I have actually learned more and have become more greatful for the things that have come my way

Example 1  – Marriage. the plan…perfect marriage with a family. First of all, perfect is not realistic. I have a really great marriage. I admit, we had some hard times, but we survived and we are now stronger. If it had not been for the hard times, I would have never figured out how important it is to never stop dating eachother.  Instead of going out on dates, we would just stay home and watch tv. NOT GOOD! I admit, we get tired at times and the last thing we want to do it get dressed and go out. But it is important. It gives us a chance to just talk and see what the other one is up to and just have some fun. I also know how important communication is. Just because we have been together for over 10 years, does not mean that we can read eachothers minds all the time. Even though I admit, I assumed that we could. So wrong.  And as for children, well….it was not meant to be part of our plan. I admit, very devasting to hear at first, but once I accepted it. I was okay with it. I am not saying that I don’t get sad at times, but I know that it was just not in the plan for us. I also would like to believe that there is a reason for it. Like…the world is just not ready for our child! No, but really. I have faith that there is a good reason and even though I don’t understand, I am still ok. Besides…I have nephews and friends with children. I can handle being the awesome aunt that they feel safe confiding in and hanging out with.

Example 2-  Friends. I used to struggle with the fact that I could not keep the friendships from childhood to last.  Some of us just went our seperate ways for whatever reason. I think it is because we all changed and we outgrew eachohter. Which sounds kinda sad, but how hard would it be to hang out with someone you no longer have anything in common with? I have some friends that I have stayed in touch with and that is because we both make the effort. I have friends that I share my deepest darkest secrets with and I know can handle things I tell them because they understand and just listen. I also have those friends that even though I don’t see or talk to that much, that we can just talk as if no time has passsed. They may not be people I have know since childhood, but they are amazing people and they have taught me a lot.

My final thought –  I have learned to NEVER assume! Our eyes don’t always see the full picture and we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Just because someone appears to have a perfect life does not mean that it is and that I will always try to be considerate of that.

This is Truly Real

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Do you remember when you were a little kid and something really exciting and big was going to happen the next day? When all you had to do was go to sleep  (as hard as that was) and the next thing you knew it was morning when that really big thing occurred (christmas morning, a trip)?  THAT is exactly how I felt last night and today. I wondered if anyone had actually read what I wrote and I was really excited to check it out. AND IT HAD BEEN READ!!!! I had the biggest smile on my face and my huband, Kelly told me how proud he was of me. Then said (while smiling)…”You realize that you are now accountable to yourself?” and “I always knew you could do it”

And…He is right. I can do it. I wanted to start proving to myself that I can take a chance and put myself out there.  That I can share stories and thoughts and just have a some fun. The bonus is if what I write brings a smile to someone else’s face. (I forgot to mention, I can be kinda sappy at times)

I really want to just thank those who took the time to read, comment and like what I wrote. Because of you all, I know I will keep writing and have fun. Because this is truly real (you like how I tied this in there at the end, so it matches the title?

YES! I am kinda corny too!  LOL 🙂

I will never know unless I try

•January 30, 2012 • 4 Comments

Hi. So my name is Steph and this is my very first post ever. I admit…I don’t have any idea what I am doing, but doing this blog is something I have thought about for a long time. I just always chicken out. So….I decided to take a risk and write.  I think the scariest thing about this is that I don’t know what people will think. And you know what? That is OK. I am excited about starting this and sticking to it and seeing where it takes me.

There are certain things I am interested in writing about.

First, about growing up. Things that used to be important back then that now make me shake my head and laugh and think…”Really?”  – Stories that are hopefully funny at times.

The second thing, the amazing journey my husband, is taking as he puts himself through culinary school. Here is a 41 year old man, who decided to follow his passion and do what he loves. I am so proud of him, and I want to share it.

So bottom line…I am doing this for me and me alone.  Your comments, stories or just words of wisdom are always welcome. Hopefully you like what you read.